The Company

NOVAER is a Brazilian aerospace company focused on providing advanced design and engineering solutions to the aviation industry. NOVAER designs and manufactures military and civilian aircraft as well as components of aircraft. As a provider of landing gear solutions, NOVAER is the prime contractor for the T-27 Tucano landing gear. NOVAER provides products and support services to customers around the world and is an important exporter of landing gear systems.

NOVAER has a long tradition of technological innovation. We continue to expand our product line and services to meet emerging customer needs. Our broad range of capabilities includes creating new, advanced aviation solutions that utilize the most advanced technologies and materials. Headquartered in São Paulo, NOVAER currently employs 30 aeronautical engineers, representing one of the most talented and innovative teams in the industry. As part of the Brazilian Aeronautical Cluster, the Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Materials Industries (ABIMDE) and of the Brazilian Association of Aerospace Industries (AIAB), our enterprise has a wide network of partners and is able to take advantage of the talents and competences existent in the sector to support our products and operations. With a vast relationship network built on decades of business in the aviation sector, NOVAER can execute on aviation business opportunities, introduce innovative products to the market, and—most important—bring those products to fruition in the marketplace.

NOVAER was founded in 1998 by Luiz Paulo Junqueira (1951 - 2009), an aeronautical engineer with extensive experience in aviation. Prior to starting NOVAER, Luiz Paulo founded and set-up Embraer´s Equipment Division – EDE, (known today as ELEB, the division responsible for the production of the landing gear for all Embraer aircraft) where he worked as President for 10 years. NOVAER is the expression of Luiz Paulo’s 25 years of diverse experience which has included creative work in aeronautics, mechanical industrial systems, bioengineering, as well as energy and information technology. NOVAER is a subsidiary of Geometra BTE.

Our Mission

Establish and become the leader of a new aeronautical industry in Brazil, with a unique brand and innovative products, meeting the needs of the domestic Brazilian and the world General Aviation markets. NOVAER leverages its domestic capacity and strong partnerships with other industries, government agencies and educational and research institutions to build and consolidate the national aviation supply chain to support the growth of Brazil as the leader of the future of General Aviation.

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