Project T-Xc

Brazil has produced aircraft in all categories of general aviation, but has left the smaller end of general aviation, piston engined or turboprops, unattended in the 80’s. Consequently, the Brazilian market, today the second biggest market for general aviation, is only supplied by imported products. This situation has affected the Brazilian trade balance, not to mention the opportunities lost in the consolidation of the aeronautical industrial park in Brazil and in the maintenance of the work load in the park that also produces for the defense and security areas.

NOVAER contemplates this gap in the market as a business opportunity and identified the niches that present the best potential in general aviation. NOVAER verifies that the aircraft currently commercialized, from potential competitors, derive from projects that have been developed more than 15 up until 50 years ago, with technologies in process of decline.

Brazil currently has developed a reputation, of designing and manufacturing quality aircraft, because the market recognizes the fact that the strategic investment made by the government since the 1950’s has generated, aside from a big OEM, an industrial and services park of great competence and Science and Technology Institutes specialized in the necessary technologies for aircraft certification.

Therefore, for the General Aviation market, which is NOVAER’s core business, the starting product will be the aircraft provisionally named T-Xc, an engineering project aimed at developing a same aircraft type capable of serving simultaneously two categories:

Trainer version: 2 seats acrobatic. This version aims to meet the needs of military air forces, to the elementary, primary or basic training of its pilots.

Transport version: 4 seats non-acrobatic: This version aims to meet the needs of transporting passengers and small loads (also named U-Xc). The U-Xc is destined to pilots, companies, or individuals interested in transportation and recreation. Customers of this version also include flight schools, air taxi companies and small loads transporters.

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