Lightwheel Project

Technological development program supported by the Brazilian Government (FINEP) to develop an aircraft wheel of carbon fiber.

In addition to providing engineering services to third parties and developing its own aircraft, NOVAER’s engineering performs the design and development of its own aeronautical products that, in virtue of their characteristics and synergy with NOVAER’s manufacturing processes, can be conceived and offered to entities in the civil and military aviation. For example, NOVAER is developing aeronautical wheels, made on carbon fiber (“Project Lightwheel”). Because of its physical characteristics and durability, these wheels can be manufactured by NOVAER and offered to the replacement of metallic wheels in all sorts of aircraft, reducing the maintenance and operation costs of its owners.

EMB 312 Landing Gear (T-27 Tucano):

New landing gear, interchangeable with the original, but which can withstand nearly twice the service life. NOVAER developed the complete program:







Today NOVAER is the certified supplier of this landing gear and its components, having already provided for air forces of Brazil, Colombia and the United Kingdom.

B 737 Spoilers:

Development and production of tooling for assembly the Boeing 737 Spoilers.

(COIN) Counterinsurgency Operations Aircraft:

NOVAER was responsible for the design, development and program management. This program remains frozen at the stage of detailed design.

Eviation Jets EV-20:

NOVAER was initially contracted to develop the project of landing gear systems and aircraft brake of the EV-20 Vantage. Due to the excellent results obtained with this project, NOVAER was again chosen by the Eviation Jets to develop whole wing, airframe, interior, system, materials, and others.

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