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Experience & Multidisciplinarity

NOVAER has a managerial and technical group characterized by the high level of experience of its members, some of which have worked for over 25 years in the aeronautical industry, mainly at Embraer, and were responsible for the development of several important aeronautical projects. On the other hand, this experience is revealed on a number of competences, from the more technical (aerodynamic engineering, materials, avionics, systems, etc.) to those related to NOVAER’s administration, such as commercial, legal and of strategic planning. This experience in the aeronautical sector also results in a wide network of contacts, an important asset for the business development.

Relationship with the Aeronautical and RD&I chain

NOVAER is a horizontal company from its origin that wishes to focus its activities and competences as an integrator of products. Currently, NOVAER already relates to the aeronautical productive chain and RD&I entities, in a coordinated fashion, dynamically and ready to meet the supplying needs of goods and services related to its operational and development activities. It has already established a wide network of relationships and contracts with members of the aeronautical productive chain, in a series of areas, such as engineering, machining, stamping, fabrication of composite materials and tooling. The same happens to research centers, universities and other RD&I entities. NOVAER already holds development and research agreements with ITA, UFMG, with the research centers that belong to DCTA and with entities belonging to the Centro para Competitividade e Inovação do Cone Leste Paulista - CECOMPI.

NOVAER understands that the existence of a healthy national productive chain and RD&I structure represents a strength in the sense that the existence of national suppliers and RD&I entities would generate a considerable efficiency in the costs of development, aside from reducing imports, exchange risk and technological dependence. On the other hand, NOVAER wishes to provide high technology level aircraft, with competitive purchase and operational costs, commonality in the product line and global technical assistance with the best conditions.

Products and Services Diversity

Before becoming an aeronautical industry, NOVAER is a company dedicated to engineering, which qualifies it to make and manage, concomitantly, programs for the development of aircraft, and of aeronautical and non-aeronautical products. Likewise, that allows it to increase productivity, especially in face of the seasonal effect of demands for engineering, due to the development cycle for each of the aircraft.

Added Value of Production

The T-Xc Program is an example of investment project that is an intense generator of technology and added value in production. For example, the core of the scope of Project T-Xc involves the development of an aircraft using carbon fiber structures, which is the main component utilized in the manufacturing of products that have a high structural resistance and low specific weigh in the space sector, nuclear, defense, aeronautic, sporting goods and transportation, among several other sectors. The development of the T-Xc in carbon fiber will generate technological impacts of extremely high value. By mastering this technology NOVAER can provide for its products a level of competitiveness not easily seen in other aeronautical industries of the segment, due to the various advantages in performance that will be generated, improving its exporting potential.

Environmental and Energy sustainability

Another feature resulting from the technological impacts of NOVAER’s business is the generation of technologies aligned with environmental sustainability and energy saving. The carbon composites for example had a great boost in usage during the 70’s, due to the oil crisis, and is a vector still valid nowadays considering the increasing prices of fossil fuels. Polymer composites, when used in place of aluminum alloys, present countless advantages due to, above all, its great production flexibility that allows the replacement of a large number of parts by a smaller number of parts, decreasing the number of joints and fittings, together with its higher specific strength and stiffness. These advantages bound to an adequate project allow an average decrease in structural weigh of aircraft between 10% and 15%. This reflects in an increase in pay load and economy in fuel costs.

Commitment to Quality

NOVAER demands that the productive chain be in compliance with the technical standards, which establishes the basic requirements for the improvement of internal processes and, consequently, of product quality, employee qualification, monitoring of the workplace, customer/workers/suppliers satisfaction control, in a continuous process of enhancement of the quality management system. To receive the certificates of compliance for such standards, the organizational processes of the productive chain will need to be verified by independent external audits that guarantee the accordance to those standards.

The suppliers in the productive chain must fit intensively in the quality control standards, control their industrial processes and establish a reliable traceability system for raw materials, products, processes and/or services, utilized in the execution of the supplies or activities to be hired by NOVAER.

The accordance to quality standards and the compliance to the requirements for aircraft certification, grants the productive chain a boost in quality, better organization, production and credibility levels – elements that are easily identifiable, increasing its competitiveness in the national and international markets.

The implementation process of quality standards and/or compliance to aeronautic requirements and demands of aircraft certification demands a continuous effort of enhancement of knowledge of the people involved in the administrative and productive processes of NOVAER and its productive chain. The certification process itself demands the providing of several trainings and qualification courses, so that the culture of the aeronautic quality and the compliance to its standards can be effectively absorbed by the human capital.

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